"No man, machine, or god has ever credibly boasted of a comprehensive understanding of the game of chess."

- GM Joshua Sheng

Welcome to my website! I love chess and I hope that you will too :)

Latest News:

Now accepting new students!

My book: Mastering Chess Logic is now being turned into an online course on Chessable! Publishing date TBD.

What others think about me:

"Working with Josh was one of the best things I could have done for my chess career. I went from being your typical rusty college student around 2200 FIDE strength to getting my first IM norm in around the span of two months. Josh made himself available when I had my norm tournament and gave me a lot of insightful advice on how to play structures and how to properly prep for opponents. I also benefitted from getting to play training games against him. Thanks to his opening files, my repertoire is now completely different from what it was before and I now have confidence that I will be able to get a good position out of the opening. I would recommend Josh's opening files to anyone looking to improve or better their repertoire. He has files on every opening and sideline imaginable." - FM Dachey Lin

"GM Joshua Sheng's opening files have supplemented my opening repertoire and contain many interesting new theoretical ideas. Not only do these files go into great depth, but they are also regularly updated by Joshua to keep up with the latest developments in chess theory. I have successfully employed several of these opening files against fellow masters in competitive tournament play and highly recommend them to any serious chess player." - FM Guannan "Terry" Song