"Why waste time studying when you can pay other people to do it for you?"

I've spent years preparing against my I can help you prepare against yours! Here you can find material to expand the knowledge of more advanced players, as well as my tournament preparation service. My database consists of hundreds of opening files to expand your repertoire.

My database of opening files

I have spent hundreds of hours curating files for different openings for tournament preparation and educational purposes. These files contain my personal notes and analyses, as well as an extensive examination of books and paid databases. Hundreds of novelties are waiting at your fingertips. They are marketed towards more advanced players rated over 2000 FIDE, but they will be valuable to anyone. Some of my customers include IM Craig Hilby, IM Josiah Stearman, IM Edward Song, FM Tianqi Wang, FM Dachey Lin, and many, others.

Popular choices:

For White:

e4 vs Sicilian, e5, French, Caro-Kann, etc...

d4 vs QGD, Nimzo, KID, etc...

For Black:

e4 e5

French Defence

Caro-Kann Defence

Najdorf Sicilian

Queen's Gambit Declined

Nimzo-Indian Defence

Semi-Slav Defence...

and more!

Please contact me to inquire about pricing and any opening files you would like to purchase.

Seconding, your preparation helper

I have a great deal of experience playing in round robins for international norms, and I know that it is very often that players have issues with openings and preparation even at the 2400+ FIDE level. I offer consulting on the philosophy and specific targeted preparation that underly success at round-robin tournaments. Given how much those cost in the United States, I think it is not unreasonable to spend a little more to get some more value out of them. Some of my customers in this respect include IM Edward Song and FM Dachey Lin, the latter of which gained an IM norm with my help. I also have no objection to assisting in preparation for other events.

Pricing is variable depending on many factors including tournament result. Please contact me for specific details on this front.